7 Intraday Trading Tips to Supercharge Your Profits

What are the 7 Intraday Trading Tips to Supercharge Your Profits? Igor Shafran Voronkovski answers these questions in a specially prepared article. He has compiled all the relevant Tips to Supercharge Your Profits.

Intraday trading, despite being a common strategy, requires a lot of skill and discipline possessed only by a small number of experts. That is why, as a beginner or an intermediate trader, following a set of useful tips can improve your ability to attain your goals on a regular basis. In this blog post, we will discuss 7 intraday trading tips that have been battle-tested by thousands of traders and thus can offer a ton of value.

Handle a Moderate Number of Shares

When deciding on the quantity of shares you aim to trade, it is crucial to consider your individual level of risk tolerance and investment objectives. If you are new to investing, it is advisable to begin with a conservative approach by trading a smaller number of shares. This can help you to mitigate potential losses and build a solid foundation for your future investment endeavors.

Establish Your Short-Term Objectives

Every successful trader starts their intraday trading activities with identifying and defining short-term objectives. With a clear understanding of your goals, you can then begin to construct a comprehensive trading plan that aligns with your objectives and is conducive to your success. Such a plan will enable you to navigate the complex and dynamic nature of the trading environment with confidence and purpose.

Prepare Your List of Stocks In Advance

To excel in intraday trading, it's essential to have a well-defined list of stocks that pique your interest. This list ought to comprise crucial details such as the stock's price, volume, volatility, and trading patterns. This way, you can easily spot the most promising stocks to trade on any particular day.

Don’t Go Against the Market

Always keep in mind that moving against market trends is a costly endeavor. Simply avoid going against them. Attempting to buy a stock during a downward trend or sell a stock during an upward trend can lead to significant losses.

While it may be tempting to try and make a quick profit by going against the market trends, it's important to remember that such kind of behavior can be justified only if you are a long-term investor. Going against the market and intraday trading, on the other hand, hardly go hand in hand if you plan on making a sustainable profit from it.

Time Your Market Moves

It may be wise to hold off on jumping into trading during the initial hour of the day as market volatility tends to be at its peak. Waiting a bit before diving in can allow for a better understanding of market trends and the identification of optimal stocks to invest in.

Don’t Leave Positions Open Till Tomorrow

To ensure a secure and profitable trading experience, it is crucial to close all open positions before the end of the trading day. This not only helps to minimize potential risks, but also safeguards your hard-earned profits. Leaving positions open overnight can expose you to unforeseen market fluctuations.

Invest Small

Starting with moderate investments is a wise approach when you are testing out new strategies or trading new stocks. It not only helps in reducing the risk factor but also provides an opportunity to comprehend the complexities of the market in a better way.


Intraday trading is not for the faint of heart, and it's important to remember that there are no guarantees in the stock market. However, by following seven tips outlined above, you can secure a better position and avoid a multitude of risks. 

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